The All-In-One Vendor Management
and Verification Platform.

Complī is an all-inclusive software that organizes and manages your vendor safety documents, certifications, and risk profiles so that you can hire quickly and confidently.

Get Organized

Save Resources​

Reduce Risks

Improve Communications​

How Complī Works

Having a reliable vendor workforce is critical for success and growth.

What Complī can do for you

We’ve been in the utility and infrastructure business for decades and we know what matters to most of our clients. Gone are the days of complex, clunky software platforms that provide little value to your vendors and limited visibility into your supply chain.

Improved Supplier Relations

Built to enhance the vendor experience and reduce level of effort.

Technician Verification

Our tech cert tracking allows you to verify all techs in your network by work type.

Backoffice Automation

Automate vendor approvals and risk management through powerful APIs.

Bulletin Library

Our “Messaging Center” allows you to communicate with vendors as a group or individually within the Aplication.


Get access to industry news, events, education, webinars, and a forum to exchange ideas.

Customer Support

You’ll have dedicated OneVizion support from day one to help you onboard and 24/7 support thereafter.

Here’s how you can get started:

Make safety compliance your #1 priority and leave the document management to us.

Complī services all vendors in telecom from architects to attorneys to aerial surveyors so that you and your clients feel confident about being fully compliant and ready to work at a moment’s notice.