FAQ: Does OneVizion Have A Mobile Application?

OneVizion supports a feature-rich mobile data collection application that is fully integrated with the base product. You can quickly and easily collect and define data for job-specific checklists in the OneVizion base application and then instantly publish to mobile devices for use in the field. The mobile application supports data entry and file uploading as well as photographs and videos you take with the mobile device, and it operates in both online and offline modes.

In online mode, you can upload data, photos, and videos you collect in the field to the cloud and they’re available in the base application in nearly real time. In offline mode, the app stores the collected data on the device and then uploads to the cloud when cellular or Wi-Fi service becomes available.

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About OneVizion

OneVizion is a high productivity application Platform as a Service (hpaPaaS) that solves the complex problem of centralizing Stranded Information® sets within enterprises. OneVizion supports real-time executive decision-making through flexible and scalable applications that meet the constantly evolving needs of business.