How OneVizion Automates Work Plans

Telecommunications projects are dynamic in nature and subject to changes that can impact the schedule. You might discover that you require an unanticipated permit or that adequate power doesn’t exist at the site and you must add additional circuits. These types of issues mean your project manager must adjust the work plan dates and task sequencing.

A common project our customers undertake is adding additional antennas, cables, or other equipment high up on towers. This additional equipment adds dead weight and surface area, which increases structural loading on the tower and the foundation. These additional loads mandate that you perform a new structural analysis to determine whether the tower can safely withstand these additional forces. When loads exceed safe limits, you must take remedial action, such as reinforcing the tower structure, redesigning the equipment configuration to reduce its weight and/or wind load, or in extreme cases, abandoning deployment of new equipment altogether. You must consider many factors when making these decisions, and regardless of the course of action you choose, the project schedule is invariably impacted and you must adjust it to maintain effective project management and accurate forecasting.

Managing these schedule changes has historically been difficult and tedious. It may require adding and/or deleting tasks as well as updating and/or shifting task durations and dependencies. It’s difficult to effectively manage this change process manually or through spreadsheets. OneVizion provides the capability to automate the management of these schedule changes. A project manager can simply check a box with the OneVizion application indicating that the structural analysis has failed and request a specific mediation approach.

OneVizion automatically adjusts the project schedule, deletes existing tasks or adds new tasks as required, and recalculates the forecast dates based on these changes. The project manager can look at different options and see how each impact the forecasted project finish date. The automation of work plan management is just one of many examples of how our clients use the OneVizion platform to enforce compliance with business processes, ensure data integrity, and improve operational efficiencies.

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About OneVizion

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