OneVizion recertifies to ISO 27001:2013 with ZERO non-conformities

Atlanta, GA—January 13, 2022 –  OneVizion, the most trusted platform SaaS provider to the telecom and utility industries, today announced the achievement of its annual ISO / IEC 27001:2013 recertification.

“Our customers can rest assured that the OneVizion Information Security Management System (ISMS) is being maintained and audited to the most rigid security standard in the industry.” said Frank Faulk, Chief Information Security Officer at OneVizion.  “The certification and on-going recertification process ensures that our risk, governance, and compliance practices meet or exceed the required controls for an established ISMS.   I am also proud to announce that we use our own OneVizion platform, “OneTeam”, to track and provide the evidence for each clause in the standard.”

In the Summary of Findings the auditor made the following comments, “The documentation used by the organization is contained within their software “OneTeam” – this is a very robust platform that makes it easy to find documentation when and where needed. Both Frank and Lisa Penn demonstrated absolute openness during the audit, and it was a pleasure to work with them during the time of this audit. I look forward to future audits with this organization!”

As with the comprehensive 3-year audit, this annual recertification audit was completed with zero (0) major or minor non-conformities.

“We consider the trust of our customers in our platform to be a critical success factor for the company.   Adhering to the industry-leading security standard and best practices makes us a better organization in addition to building the confidence of our customers in the platform.    We use our own platform internally for all aspects of the business and have incorporated the ISO 27001 certification process into our corporate culture.”, said Doug Tribolet Vice President Operations at OneVizion.

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