OneVizion and UScellular Extend Relationship to Include Document Processing

Marietta, Georgia (May 02, 2022) – OneVizion today announced that it is providing UScellular additional support by migrating key UScellular documents into the OneVizion platform, simplifying the work of their team members and realizing significant cost savings.

UScellular’s 5G network infrastructure deployment projects can vary in complexity, with substantially expanded project portfolios and many new types of installations. The information demands of 5G required a new enterprise grade and integrated solution for site development, asset tracking, lease management, and tower maintenance. UScellular’s initial implementation of the OneVizion platform in early 2020 included several of OneVizion’s pre-configured Vizion Packages. These solutions allowed UScellular to rapidly deploy the platform for one program and then quickly extend the deployment across the entire engineering and operations teams.

Recent Vizion Package implementations for Advance Schedule Management, Lease Management and Document Processing have further streamlined operations and increased the value of the OneVizion platform for UScellular.

“Our entire team is proud of the relationship we have developed with UScellular and with the recent expansion they are implementing with our platform. UScellular, a great company delivering cutting-edge essential communications services, has exhibited remarkable vision in their approach to deliver value for their business,” said John Patton, Chief Executive Officer of OneVizion, adding “We look forward to what the future holds for UScellular.”

“With the OneVizion platform as our single trusted source for information, we can now hold fact-based meetings internally and externally, which significantly improves our operational alignment, drives effective collaboration and enhances the customer experience,” said Shawn Holcomb, Director of System Performance at UScellular. “Our teams spend less time and deliver better results because of the integrated business solutions and trusted information at our fingertips.”

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About UScellular

UScellular is the fourth-largest full-service wireless carrier in the United States, providing national network coverage and industry-leading innovations designed to elevate the customer experience. The Chicago-based carrier provides a strong, reliable network supported by the latest technology and offers a wide range of communication services that enhance consumers’ lives, increase the competitiveness of local businesses and improve the efficiency of government operations. To learn more about UScellular, visit one of its retail stores or To get the latest news, visit Connect with UScellular on social media at,,, and